Algebra 2 Common Core Functions: Transformations Operations and Inverses  
The transformation of functions involves altering the size, position, or orientation of a function. The types of transformations that we will be considering in this section are 1) Dilations 2) Reflections 3) Shifts also known as translations. 
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The Transformation Formula
Transformational form of functions algebra 2 common core shifts reflection dilation parent functions
Meaning of Inverse: An inverse of a function f written as f-1 is the function the has the opposite effect of what the function f has. If the function f is viewed as a do function then the inverse can be viewed as the undo function the undoes what f does. 
Strategy(Steps) How to Find the Inverse
Strategy(Steps) How to Find the Inverse
1. Numerical Method: Interchange the x and the y's to find the inverse of a functions. Note the inverse is not always a function. If the function passes the horizontal line test in order for it to have an inverse that is a function. 
2. Graphical Method: Reflect the function along the line y=x
3.Switch the input with the inverse of the output and the output with the input and solve for the inverse of the output (If y as a function of x, switch x and y and solve)
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